An award winning renaissance man, Baron is a talented photographer, vocalist, graphic designer, music producer, songwriter, poet, and performing artist. As a vocalist, Baron’s style is vivid and captivating as his work is truthful, honest, and passionate. He candidly speaks about the issues of love, family, and community. For Baron, our similarities as humans outweigh our differences; we are all created equal.

As a life coach, Baron focuses on creativity, motivational speaking, one-on-one coaching and leadership development. Drawing on his life as a performer and over a decade of coaching experience, he supports others in turning their dreams into a reality. Through his work, he aims to help people rediscover their creative power and self-expression. He partners to provide them with tools, action plans, and creative experiences to foster growth, empowerment, and a new outlook on life.

As a Leadership Coordinator with Momentum Education, he works with adults to support in setting the foundation for future successes and living a life of abundance. Baron is also an award-winning artist who received the Creativity prize at the Nations United Awards in Toronto, Canada. His philosophy is simply that “Love is our Song”. He believes that our ability to master ourselves is the foundation to our ability to serving others. In his work, Baron focuses most on how he can be in contribution to uplift, love, and empower others.